The third tab Options gives you access to the application Settings, lets you update the flight database, shows Information about where2fly, and provides means to send Feedback or make a donnation.


General settings allow you to define the Take me Home address, which is used for the timetable.

Another setting defines the caching of data. Specify, if images are loaded with Wifi only, never or always. Also specifiy the cache size to keep loaded images and prevent from reloading.

Map - Filter allows you to adjust the map scale, at which all kind of places should be displayed on the map.

Update data

where2fly is delivered with a preinstalled database holding more than 6000 launch sites and 3000 landings worldwide. You may update this data by selecting a country and a datasource. where2fly then connects to the provider and downloads and installs the new data into the database.

Edit data

The current version of where2fly is not yet capable to edit and upload data to the provider database. Furthermore, go to the web page of the data source and make your changes there. Then use the update data option to update the internal database with the changes you made, and others made in the meantime. gives instance access to the new data. Data from and DHV can be updated weekly or bi-weekly only, for the moment.

Do you like where2fly?

Do you like where2fly? Then please support my work by providing a gift, like a landing beer. You can make a donnation directly within the app using an in-app purchase, by navigating to Options - Support where2fly. Thanks.


Did you catch an error, or do you want to give feedback? Do this by sending an email to the author, using the options in the app.
Or do you like to rate the app? You can go to the iTunes web page by using this option. Thanks.

About where2fly

Find here this user manual, further application information, access to my blog, or a list of new features.