where2fly paragliding

One of the best for paragliding, maybe the best!


where2fly - the iPhone app for all paragliding and hanggliding pilots.


  • This app includes detailed information on 10,000 launch sites and 4,000 landings in 100 countries worldwide. All places are visually displayed on an interactive map. They can also be searched specifically according to different criteria. For example: where is a spot in the Alps to fly with wind conditions coming from north, and a minimal height of 2000m, which is accessible by a cable car?
  • Also contained in where2fly are more than 25,000 stations of public transport in Switzerland, so you can easily travel to the launch site, or the trip home from your landing site. Timetable information can be consulted for many european countries through an app-integration, as well as route navigation with the navigational apps TomTom, Navigon and Waze .
  • The app contains flight data from paraglidingearth.com, DHV.de and Flyland.ch . All data is stored in a local database. You only need an internet connection to display the map and webcam images.
where2fly is fully functional and free. Additional modules can be purchased for a small amount through in-app purchase, to integrate extensions into the app.


  • The Webcam module gives you access to more than 20,000 worldwide webcams from webcams.travel and camscollection.ch. So, you can easily get an idea of the weather conditions near your launch site or landing.
  • The Flight logbook lets you register all your flights directly within where2fly. Choose from one of the existing launch sites and landing places, or select one of the places or your own spot directly on the map. You can define innumerable attributes, such as flight duration, flight type, wind conditions, weather, your impressions of the flight, and a comment. All flights are stored in the local database, so you can easily access statistics. Data can be exported via an Excel interface. And all that for a price that is less than the papery logbook.
  • Integration of weather stations all over the word. Data is provided by the MADIS/NOOA network.
  • A SOS-Module is integrated. So you can quickly find your GPS position, send it to other persons by SMS or email, which then can depict the place in where2fly or any web browser. Of course, you can also send your landing position to friends.
  • Another new feature are thermal hotspots. Data is available for Europe.


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